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Dating and Physical Activity...

No, not that kind of physical activity, although you can work up a good sweat doing that, too ;)

But good, old-fashioned exercise. Getting active with your partner can bring you closer together while you get, or stay, healthy. I’ve put together a list for new couples, seasoned couples, fitness newbies, and veterans alike. And summer is the perfect time to start. It’s warm, sunny, and the outdoors are calling your name!

So, first on the list is, of course, running! All you need is a pair of shoes and your running partner. Keep it short or go long, either way, keep it slow enough that you can have some conversation. Running together is a great way to form or strengthen a bond with someone.

Next up, take a hike! If you live in or near Warrenton, the mountains are less than an hour away. Head out to Shenandoah National Park for an unlimited amount of hiking trails ranging from quick, easy loops to tough, rocky inclines. You’ll catch some breathtaking views, and if you bring lunch you can have a picnic along the way. Also, during the summer it can be a way to escape the heat of the city, as it is usually cooler in elevation. Even so, don’t forget your water!

Can’t believe I’m saying this next one, but number 3 on the list is golfing! Spend the day on the green, driving the golf cart around together, or hit up some mini-golf, which sounds a little more entertaining in my opinion.

If you have access to bicycles, it can be a fun, active way to tour a city, or a mini get away to the woods, all while sculpting those quads! You’ll get to feel the wind in your hair, get a tan, and connect with your loved one while having fun and burning some calories. Option to go tandem!

Go dancing! The cardio benefits here are obvious. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to just let loose and move to the music. And it’s a great way to get close to your S.O. not just physically, but laughing (and maybe embarrassing yourselves) together will strengthen your relationship. If you’re really bad dancers there’s always the option to go somewhere out of town where no one will recognize you…and maybe never go there again! ;)

Perhaps this should have been first on my list, as my Michael is a baseball player, but hit up your local batting cages. Your guy can wrap his arms around you while showing you how to swing, or maybe you can impress him with your own technique. Just make sure no one gets hit!

If one or both of you have a fear of heights, conquer that fear with some indoor rock climbing. Help each other to the top of the wall, and don’t look down!

Improve your flexibility, emotionally and physically, with some partner yoga. Take a class or, better yet, pull up a Youtube video and follow along together at home. Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind and, okay, you could get into some pretty compromising positions ;)

Last but DEFINITELY not least, how about a couples massage? Need I say more? Or, hey, if that’s not really in the budget, stay home, turn down the lights, light a couple candles, and take turns being the masseuse. I’ll leave the rest to you…

So there you have it, some ideas for active, enjoyable date ideas. And one or two that are just good for your mental well-being :) Have fun!

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