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Hey guys! Happy January! Well, I guess we are halfway through the month now, but still. Happy 2018! Kind of hard to believe, isn't it? But time moves like a freight train. Lots of things are happening here at 360° Health + Fitness! First of all, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful clients. You guys are AMAZING. I feel like everyone will think their clients are special, but ours REALLY are. We are so lucky to have such a great group of people who CHOOSE our facility month after month. Michael and I are truly grateful for every one of you. So thank you for making the first year of business a success! We are hoping 2018 will be even better, and we have some projects in the works for you guys that are going to mean new ways to get or stay healthy and fit! New classes and programs are on their way!

Also, if you ARE a client of ours and are not yet aware, we are now offering Membership Referral Rewards! This means that if you bring a friend or family member and they sign up for one of our memberships, YOU get 50% off one month of training! It's our way of saying thank you, not only for being a client, but for sharing your experiences with others and helping 360° Health + Fitness to continue to grow and have success!

Now, I have ONE favor to ask of you. At the end of this post I'm going to post a link to a 10-question survey. You DO NOT HAVE to be a client of ours to take the survey! Anyone can participate, and you will really be helping us out by taking a couple minutes out of your day to answer these questions! So thank you in advance for your helpful information! I hope you guys have a GREAT January and keep an eye out for our next post! LINK BELOW:

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