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This morning I was browsing through some news articles, and came across the Fitness News section. Obviously, this section in particular piqued my interest. So, I scrolled through to find one I’d like to read.

As I’m scanning the titles, “An Hour at the Gym per Week Lowers Risk of Metabolic Syndrome,” “Want to Feel Stronger & Thinner? Get Some Exercise,” “Alzheimer’s Disease Study Links Brain Health to Physical Activity,” etc., I notice a theme.

Exercise is good for you and can keep you healthy and help prevent disease. I couldn't help but think, “DUH!!!!!”

Who doesn’t know this, really? In the age of information, who on Earth (that has access to the internet or news periodicals) DOESN’T know that exercise is <gasp> GOOD FOR YOU?!

We all know this. And I think we all know that diet is also strongly related to physical health. If you don’t, I’m telling you right now.

So, my question is, why aren’t we all exercising? Every. Single. Day. We read about it, we see it on television or the internet, we buy the clothes and the equipment. What’s the hold up? That back pain you complain about every day after a long day on the job can be just a distant memory. Can’t seem to fall asleep at night? Get in some cardio and use up some of that energy! Knee pain? Move those legs! Hunched shoulders? Work those back muscles and hold yourself high. OVERWEIGHT? Exercise and create a calorie deficit to lose those pounds.

We don’t have to spend millions of dollars on health care AFTER we get sick. We can prevent it (in most cases) in the first place! It’s quite simple, folks. We have evolved past the point of having to conserve energy to stay alive. Our problem now is just the opposite. Burn off that energy and live longer. Get more out of life. Break up with the television and get moving.

Life doesn’t have to be short. It can be long and enjoyable without being weighed down by prescription pills and back braces. It makes me sad to see children who are already pre-diabetic and overweight, or even obese. Set up the future generations for success, not failure. And do it by starting with yourself.

Exercise can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Whatever floats your boat, find it and float on! There are so many different avenues you could take. There’s something for everyone. Dive in head first and I promise you won’t regret it. We have to reverse this trend of rising obesity in our country. For our health, and for our children’s health.

And, while I’m here, it’s worth mentioning that while exercise is the bee’s knees, it’s important to think about the food on your plate as well. Eat more mindfully. Food is fuel for your body, literally. You need it to stay alive and fuel all the moving around you’re just dying to do after reading this ;)

I think I’ll cover a little bit about nutrition in the next post, so, bye for now. Go for a walk and lift something heavy. I promise you will feel amazing when you discover what you are really capable of.

Not sure where to start? Call us :) we’ll help.

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